The Burrini-Mabellini Duo

The Duo of Florence ArteInCanto Musica composed by the soprano Eva Mabellini and the pianist / harpsichordist / organist Pamela Burrini conducts concerts and deals with the realization of concert performances in Florence, Tuscany and throughout Italy. Passionate and eclectic artists, Eva and Pamela are refined and multifaceted performers of a very wide repertoire, from the Baroque to the contemporary repertoire, whose goal is to make every concert and musical intervention magical and unique.

Pamela Burrini - pianist

She graduated underthe aegis of M. Fiuzzi at the Conservatory of Florence L.Cherubini with the highest honors. In 2007 he graduated from the high specialization course of the biennial "university Diploma of Level II" concert address atthe Conservatory of Perugia with thesis on "The Philosophy of Kant in the Concerto for Piano and orchestra op. 19 No. 2 by Beethoven "bringing the maximum vote 110/110. She has followed higher courses of piano improvement with the M ° Fiuzzi, with the M ° L. Tanganelli, obtaining the Diploma of merit, with M ° Paul Badura-Skoda, m ° Sergio Perticaroli, with M ° Boris Petruschanskj, with M ° Paolo Bellocci, with M ° Aldo Ciccolini with M ° Riccardo Risaliti and with the M ° Aquiles Delle Vigne. She studied harpsichord with Prof. Annalisa Martella and Fortepiano with M ° Claudio veneri both at the Conservatory of Perugia.She has h eld concerts in some of the most prestigious museums in Florence, in the most important Italian cathedrals and played in important Italian French and Austrian exhibitions. She is classified in the first positions reporting first prize , first absolute in various pianistico competitions, national and int ernational. In ' 99, winning the first prize, the Piano Competition "Maria Jubilees" was offered by F.I.D.A.P.A. a scholarship for the “ Akademie Mozarteum" in Salzburg, where he followed the specialization course with M ° Perticaroli performing as Solist at the "Orff" theatre in Salzburg. In the same year he took part in the "III review of the best graduates of the Year 98" of Castrocaro as well as the record label of Ortisei "Pianisti 10 e Lode" where he recorded a CD in direct capture. In 2014 he playedfortheBBCin a documentary on "Artemisia Gentileschi" directed by Michael PalinArtemisia herself performing at "CasaBuonarroti" in Florence the repertoire of G. Frescobaldi at the harpsichord. She receives the Diploma of Excellence from the Rector of the Basilica of Santa Croce for the concrete commitment in the world of Florentine culture in 2017 .She attended the three years of the Faculty of Science of Education at the University of Florence. Hasto his credit has many experiences as a chamber musician, giving proof of great musical flexibility, both, as amaster accompanist of singers grating in a repertoirethatrangesfromBaroque as harpsichordisttothetwentiethcenturyas apianist andHarpsichordist gettingeverywhere wide acclaim of critics and audiences. Speak fluent English and German language. She is President of the Arteincantomusica Cultural Association.

Eva Mabellini - soprano
She graduated in Opera Singing with the Maestro R. Ongaro and Vocal Chamber music with Maestro L. De Lisi at the Cons ervatory ” L. Cherubini ” in Florence. She is winner of several Italian and International Competition.In 2008 she receives the Diploma of Excellence in Romania (Roman ) as a mezzo- sopranoin Stabat Mater by G.B. Pergolesi.In 2017 she receives the Diploma of Excellence from the Rector of the Basilica of Santa Croce for the concrete commitment in the world of Florentine culture.In 2018 she receives the Diploma of merit in Roman for RomanArt Gallery in the performance-concert “Unde lumina se face Har” organized by Città di Vita and Studio Tedologico of Basilica Santa Croce in Florence. Lecturer for courses in Baroque Singing for the Maggio Musicale Education .She collaborates with internationally renowned conductors such as J. Tate, C. Abbado, W. Marshall, B. Rigacci, Marco Balderi, Pietro Horvath, Bruno Nicoli, Nicola Paszkowsky, David Boldrini, Georghe Costin, Ottavio Marino, Giovanni Bartoli, Herbert Handt, Alvaro Lozano, Alessandro Pinzauti, Giuseppe Lanzetta, Michael Beck, Richard Dacey, Christoph Rehli, Vito Lo Re, Carlo Moreno Volpini, Alan Freiles, Riccardo Donati ,Mario Menicagli, Federico Bardazzi, Federico Bonetti Amendola, Fabio Del Cioppo e Delio Cassetta.As a soloist in Italy, she performed in prestigious venues including Teatro Comunale of Florence, Teatro della Pergola in Florence , Siena Chigiana Academy , Politeama of Prato , the Teatro Verdi in Pisa, Opera Primaziale Pisana, Teatro Metastasio in Prato , Cantiere di Montepulciano, Ravenna Festival, Abbey of San Galgano , Bob oli Gardens (Florence ), Palazzo Altemps Rome , Bonci Theatre in Cesena, Upper Basilica of Assisi , the Basilica of Santa Croce Cenacolo of Santa Croc e (Florence ) , Teatro dei Rozzi of Siena, Emperor’s Castle (Prato) , Politeama.Abroad she performs concerts abroad in China, Japan , South Korea , Spain, Germany , France, Canada, Romania, Norway. She has 20 titles in opera’s . Repertory . She records for Tactus, Bongiovanni, Rai Trade and Classica Viva and Italian Opera in Florence.She is Artistic Director of the ArteInCanto Musica Association, based in Florence.