Weddings events Concerts in Florence and Tuscany

Welcome, we introduce ourselves! We are Eva and Pamela, affirmed musicians in Tuscany, Italy and on the international panorama. We are the Duo of Florence "Arteincanto Musica". Our idea of founding the agency Arteincanto Musica borns from the desire to merge our musical and artistic skills with the organizational and creative attitude. The musical competence is our strong point and being passionate organizers, artists and refined musicians of a very wide repertoire, we enthusiastically decided that this was our way.

ArteInCanto Musica - Musica per matrimoni - Agenzia di servizi musicali in Toscana

The customer comes to us often lost, with in mind a memory, a suggestion, an emotion. We with enthusiasm and competence succeed in interpreting and realizing their needs and desires. Passion, dedication, and love for music push us to always find new and creative solutions and never give in to obstacles and challenges. Our musical consultancy always starts with the listening of the accounts of the customers from which we start to elaborate with transcriptions, arrangements and directing the soundtrack of the event; Always unique and personalized. Our agency is also responsible for the production of executive: the technical side of the event with analysis of logistics, the design of the area, audio solutions and artistic illuminations of locations for every budget or not least a supervision on Safety of the event, be it of every type.

  • Wedding Concerts
  • Concerts during dinners
  • Concerts during meetings, conferences and much more.
  • Concerts for parties of all types
  • Organization of concert Festivals
  • Music, Master Classes,
  • Music Transcriptions and musical arrangement
  • Events for Business Company
  • Location Inspections
  • Equipment rental
  • Artistic location Lighting
  • Recording Studio
  • Phonic Service
  • Rental with a driver, shuttles transport for events
  • Private First aid service with staff and defibrillator

wedding music

the ceremony
  • Organ
  • Piano
  • Harpsichord
  • Classic and Celtic Harp
  • Organ and Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Violin and Harp
  • Soprano and Guitar
  • Soprano and Piano
  • Piano and Violin, Viola and Cello
  • Piano and Sax / Clarinet
  • String Quartet
  • Soprano and Harp
  • Soprano, Organ and Violin
  • Soprano, Harp and Violin
  • String Trio
  • Duo Violin and Cello
  • Trio Soprano, Violin and Cello
music for: cocktail-hours, lunch, dinner and after dinner.

Trio Soft Jazz ArteInCanto Musica
An Elegant Ensemble, Pianoforte, Clarinet e Voice, to enjoy you with Soft Jazz and old classical songs.

Italian Folk Quartet
Tenore, Harpsichord, Guitar and Violin for your wedding dinner enjoyng with italian classical songs and napolitan music.

Arpa Celtica o Classica e Violino
Magic and relaxing sounds of Celtic music will accompany with elegance the dinner, or the cocktail-hour, running slow songs or dance numbers taken from the folk tradition.

Pop Singer
During the Wedding lunch or after dinner, for the couple who may prefer this solution, one of our multi-instrumentalist singers will cheer you with the best-known pop songs, ranging from dance repertoire to romantic repertoire!

During the wedding lunch, the dinner or after dinner, our versatile DJ will make you dance and sing, dedicating songs to your friends, or making you sing, making, the evening party special and fun.

Violin and Piano
A particolar entertainment performed by Violin and Piano for Classical Pop Songs.

Entertainment Jazz Band after dinner
Unforgettable and sophisticated jazz standards with a snappy Band to brighten up the after dinner of the most demanding newlyweds.

Cocktail-hour with Classical Harp
Timeless melodies and songs ranging from the classical repertoire, to film music, pop and evergreen.

Cocktail-hour with Celtic Harp and Violin
Magical and evocative atmosphere for an original entertainment with Irish repertoire, of the Renaissance and new age.

Duo Soprano and Piano
Soprano and Piano duo to cheer dinner or after dinner with refined film music or musical.

Trio Soprano, Tenor and Harp
A beautiful Trio, Soprano, Tenor and Harp for an unforgettable evening of opera, classic songs of Italian and Neapolitan music.

Cocktail-hour with String Quartet
A String Quartet will delight your wedding dinner or your cocktail-hour, giving a very special style and creating, an atmosphere modern and classical at the same time.

Cocktail-hour with Classical Harp and Flute
An outdoors cocktail-hour after the Wedding or before the dinner with the original duo Harp and Flute. Enchanting songs that will make the celebration after the Ceremony a real fine moment.

Swing Quintet
Swing entertainment for your cocktail time or wedding dinner with Eva & The Adams. The repertoire of the ensemble ranges from Jazz, swing, bossanova, blues and pop.

symbolic ceremony in tuscany

More and more couples decide to pronounce their "yes" with an extraordinary symbolic ritual for charm and magic. A full-blown wedding that maintains the spiritual value and emotional pathos of the more traditional marriage. It is possible to support this ritual to the civil legal one and also to the religious one. The symbolic ritual is officiated by a celebrant who is not a civil officer but a professional of these celebrations With long experience.

Why choose the symbolic ceremony with Arteincanto Musica...

The symbolic ceremony can be celebrated without any bureaucratic constraint or official request to institutions.

The symbolic ceremony gives a touch of poetry to the nascent couple according to their choice of life and spirituality: The couples can choose the theme, characterize it with the tracks and songs that inspired their romance.

The symbolic ceremony can be celebrated during the reception, in every kind of location, giving this moment to friends and relatives after the civil ritual was celebrated in the city hall in the presence of the only witnesses.

The symbolic ceremony with a musical frame is enriched by splendid performances of piano, harp, violin, or Soprano; Few elements that give great charm pathos and indelible emotions in memory.

Arteincanto Music offers a unique service: it realizes a real theatrical script; We dedicate ourself to the direction of your "yes" creating a personalized ritual, together with the celebrant and above all, in any language you speak.

ArteInCanto Musica - Musica per matrimoni - Agenzia di servizi musicali in Toscana